9 Cities Around The World Which Are Going Car Free

Traffic jams are becoming one of the most common reality of today’s world. People everywhere are embracing a new way of life. Where they want to see a traffic free places. This is being done in the efforts to reduce emission, improve health and have a cleaner environment. If you are wondering what these cities are keep reading.

Madrid, Spain

The boundaries of Madrid which is seeing a current car-free zone are experiencing expansion. It is more than a square mile. People who live in this area can bring heir cars in but are not allowed to park. Until, they are ready to pay a hefty fine. There are many new parking spots as this initiative of having car free zone started, people are using cycles as their means of travel which can help you travel from one place to another.



Paris, France

It is said that by 2020, car owners will not be allowed in the city centers. The current regulation says that 40% people living in Paris are living without a car in their home  which is expected to go up to 60% this year. It is said that Paris can be the first city which will completely go car free and that too soon.

Chengdu, China

The plan is to build a self sustaining city which can be environmentally sensitive. Although the cars are not completely banned only half the roads are allowed to have motorized vehicles. It is said that by 2020 the modern day suburbs will see its completion and also the city is designed to be within 15 minutes walking destination.

Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg is adopting green measures where in the next 15 years the city is going to start green networks which ha connected parks, recreational areas, playgrounds, and gardens. The network will surely cover at least 40% of the city space and the people in Hamburg are accepting these challenges as they leave their car home.


Helsinki, Finland


This is a popular growing site and the city’s director of the Strategic Urban Planning Division can improve public transit which can densify existing areas. Although this suburb is far from the city center, It is mostly accessible by motor cars which is connected to the city. There is a new app which is allowing the citizens to call a shared bike and find the nearest train or bus.

Milan, Italy

Milan is paying its citizens who are leaving their cars at home. For people who leave their car at home from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm they will receive a 1.50 euro voucher which can help you travel in bus, tram, trolley or subway.

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